On a personal level, I’m not overly sold on the whole social media thing. I have Facebook and Twitter accounts, yet I’m not entirely happy about the fact. I mainly have them because I have several friends who refuse to communicate in any other way, so if I want to talk to them (and I do), those are my choices.

I probably don’t use either service to the fullest of their abilities, but I’m okay with that.

On a professional level, I realize that social media is the wave of the future (the present really), so I’m trying to open my mind to some of the features that I have a hard time considering as “benefits”.

With that in mind, there is someone I follow on Twitter (@WritingSpirit) who posted about the 2011 S.H.I.N.E. Blogging challenge. I’ve been meaning to create a blog of my own (for months now), as well as meaning to get myself into the habit of writing with consistency (for years now), and this challenge seems like a good opportunity to kill two birds with one semi-automatic. So this is me, committing to something I’m not entirely sure I can keep up with.

I’m hopeful that I can stick with it, and learn something along the way. Writing is, and always has been, my passion. Yet I struggle with it so much that I feel like a hypocrite whenever I say that. If it is my passion, why is it so hard to stick with it? That question is mainly rhetorical, but if anyone feels like offering a suggestion, I don’t mind in the least. I’m hoping to find the answer for myself in the next 111 days (the length of the challenge).

Two years ago I had the words “Always Write” tattooed on the inside of my arm, for two reasons: First, because it’s a bit of an inside joke with me and my family as I am continually saying that I’m always right, in everything (it really is just a joke, I’m not arrogant enough to ACTUALLY believe that). Second, as a reminder of the number one rule of writing, which essentially is “To be a writer, write.” I don’t regret this tattoo in the least, but as far as serving as a reminder/motivator for me, it has failed miserably. This is an effort to change that as well.

So change and motivation is the name of the game here. To that end, you can expect to read about the things that inspire me, and how I manage to find the motivation to continue on while finding ways to deal with the disappointment of not meeting personal goals. I’m a realist, I know there will be disappointments, and that I can’t/won’t change my ways over night, but here’s hoping that I can change more than I’ve been able to in the past.